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Vision and Goal Of InsurCred

We are the Financial and Insurance Agency dedicated to educating, serving, and protecting families, workers, and businesses. Providing them and their families with a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, retirement, disability, survivor benefits, and much more.

This also is applicable to corporations, organizations, institutions, and/or any place with workers and staff that align with a lifestyle and budget.



New 401(k) for Business
New 403 (b) for k-12, & Hospitals
New 457(B) for State, County, Government
New 503(C) Non-Profit


No one is immune to chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, or cancer.
LIVING BENEFITS TOTAL PROTECTION , can provide for you and your loved ones while you're still living. We stand as an ally, we listen to your needs, and we strive to care and to serve you to heart — with heart.


Can you save $ 200 a month? That will help you solve the unexpected and what you do not want to happen when emergencies appear. Now is the time, it is never too late.